Terms & Conditions

This website is owned and operated by Varniraj Trust, ATF Varniraj Services Pvt Ltd, trading as Westside Flowers.

You agree to our terms and conditions (presented below) by using our website at www.westsideflowers.com.au. You also agree to comply with all national and international laws and regulations guiding your purchase. 

We may change our terms without notice at any time, which will be effective immediately. 

Customer Obligation

Personal Information

Please provide us with your valid phone number and email address while placing your order. Ensure all the spelling and numbers are correct. We will take no liability if you fail to provide us with the correct details.

Delivery Address

Please ensure the delivery address you provide is valid and accurate. Any failure to do so may result in missed deliveries, incorrect deliveries, and additional fees for redelivering.

Moreover, Westside Flowers is not liable for missed or incorrect deliveries if you fail to provide or rectify your contact details within a reasonable time period or when we acted in good faith to fulfil your order. 

You are fully responsible for your product once we deliver it meeting all your instructions. 

Personalised Messages

We entertain personal messages for your online orders. We will fully strive to ensure your personal message is accurate, without any spelling or grammatical errors. 

Moreover, we will make every effort to provide personalised message cards and envelopes. 


We always strive to deliver you fresh flowers. You will be able to see our delivery fee when you place your order. A minimum order of $40 is required for us to deliver your flowers. 

Please contact us prior to placing your order if you want your delivery at a specific time. 

We are sorry to inform you that we are not able to provide preferred delivery times on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Mother’s Day week.

Westside Flower reserves the right not to leave the flowers at your address if the temperature is above 25 degrees centigrade to preserve the freshness of the flowers. 

Seasonal Availability & Replacements

Please note that flowers are natural and seasonal products. Therefore, the availability varies from time to time. Our florists may select a different variety of flowers for your order if your product is not available at the moment.

However, our florists will always try to replace your products with similar items. They will try to match the flower type, colour, size, shape, and value. We may use similar flowers to fulfil your order within your delivery timeframe. 

Additionally, demand, supply, and weather may impact orders. 

Product Photography

 The product description describes the product and any ancillary items. We may use additional props for decoration in our product images, which are not a part of the product. 

Pricing, Payment, & Refunds

All our prices are inclusive of GST if not mentioned otherwise. All product prices are in Australian dollars or AUD. 

Product prices are not inclusive of delivery charges. They are shown to you when you place your order. 

We will process refunds to the original mode of payment, be it credit cards or debit cards. Our supported payment methods include credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. 

You confirm you are authorised to use your card when you provide us with its details. Moreover, your card should have enough funds to pay for your order. 

Order Changes & Cancellations

We recommend you ensure all your information is accurate while placing your order. We may need to substitute products with similar colours and varieties to deliver your order on time. 

Westside Flowers will not be able to process any amendments or cancellations once the product is prepared or dispatched, or in transit. 

We may charge a cancellation fee for order cancellation requests received less than 12 hours before the scheduled delivery date. Customers may opt for a gift voucher for the full value of the order to prevent paying cancellation fees. Please get in touch with us for more information. 

Cancellation requests received before 12 hours can expect a full refund. We will process your refunds within 3 – 5 business days or complying with the discretion of your bank or financial institution.

We also reserve the right to refuse changes or cancellations based on our personal judgement. 

Product Range

Products shown on the Westside Flowers website may not always be available. We will update products that are not available at the earliest. 

Moreover, you will be notified if the flowers you ordered are unavailable.

Westside Flowers will provide you with a substitute product in case of unavailability. 

Gift Vouchers

The bearer of the gift voucher can redeem it from Westside Flowers for its full value. Gift vouchers cannot be claimed after their validity period. Additionally, they are applicable to purchases from the Westside Flowers website or store only.

Moreover, you cannot exchange your gift voucher for cash or payments, discounts, and other offers. Gift vouchers are also not refundable.

You may not combine your gift voucher with any other promotion, offer, or discount. We hold no responsibility for any loss or theft of gift vouchers from your end. 

We will not entertain any gift voucher that has already been claimed or not issued. Moreover, we hold the right to resolve any dispute related to gift vouchers and our terms and conditions based on our judgement. 

Complaint Policy

Please place your complaints with us within 2 days of receiving the delivery of your order by calling us at 0452 661 837. 

We may ask for original photos of your order to process complaints. Additionally, we will collect the original product when delivering your replacement. 


Anyone committing fraud or illegal activities pertaining to Westside Flowers website will be subjected to prosecution. 

We cannot guarantee we will be able to stop any illegal or inappropriate use of the Westside Flowers website. Moreover, we will not issue any notice if any such violation occurs. 

It is against the law to order from our store using fake names or credentials. It is also unlawful to use someone else’s credit card to pay for your orders. 

Any such person will be reported to the authorities. 

Governing Law

Our website and terms are in accordance with the laws of Australia. Any legal action related to the use of our website shall be governed by the regulations of the country. 

You agree to comply with the judgements of the Australian courts by using our website and making purchases. 


All images, videos, text, and elements on our website are owned, controlled, and operated by Westside Flowers. These are copyrighted and protected by trademarks under our intellectual property rights. 

Any material on our website is for your personal use only. You may not reproduce them for commercial purposes. Moreover, you will not copy, edit, reproduce, or republish the website content in any manner without our consent. 

Any use of our website for your commercial interests is prohibited. 

Force Majure

Westside Flowers makes every attempt to make satisfactory deliveries. However, we are not responsible for any failure due to circumstances beyond our control. The list of circumstances may include natural disasters, wars, hostilities, rebellion, fire, lockdowns, and so on.